KBS (Knowledge Benefits Success) is proudly New Zealand Owned and have branched out across the Tasman setting up a main base on the Gold Coast, Australia.

KBS is a family owned business and our passion and goal is to deliver the best quality sportswear apparel throughout New Zealand and Australia and eventually to the World, ensuring our designs are kept up to date with new trends that will make your team look and feel good.

We are continuously developing our products and releasing new and improved garments and designs every year, we do everything we can to help enhance players ability through their sporting apparel to compete and play from grassroots all the way through to the highest levels.

An advantage of choosing KBS as your supplier is our well recognised unique designs, competitive pricing and premium quality.

We take pride in the great artists we have in our KBS team and they’ll work along side you to bring your visions to life and ensure you get the perfect design you are looking for.

If you think KBS is the company for you get in contact with us now and we’ll be more than happy to help you produce the best uniforms in the game.