(Coming Soon) Choose one of many free design templates and make it your own! Add your team colours, logos and texts with our online kit creator!


Wanting something that’s tailored just for you? WE HAVE YOU COVERED! Our artists can help you bring your visions to life! Design fee applies.


Wear your heritage with honour and pride!  Our specialist cultural artists are ready to help you translate your heritage and cultural beliefs into front line, innovative designs! Each design will come with a detailed meaning. Here at KBS we believe in treating all cultures and heritage with the utmost respect, therefore, if you are wanting a design that is thrown together with no true meaning, maybe our company is NOT for you. However, if you have your own cultural design we are more than happy to produce it.

At this day and age there are so many companies out there that are giving our Pacifica and indigenous designs out with no actual understanding and meaning of what they are selling.

Being indigenous natives ourselves we have chosen to go down the road of pushing fake generic cultural designs in todays society to the side and focus on supplying our clients with real authentic designs that have true meaning.

Making this change for most businesses is crucial as there are massive risks of loosing clientele that just want something thrown together, which also means loosing sales but for KBS it’s not about the money, it’s about treating all cultures with the respect they deserve and to give our clients a true understanding of what their designs mean. Knowing our clients have walked away with provided knowledge and understanding of what they are wearing on their apparel and being proud is our biggest achievement.

You cannot put a price on culture.